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Private Music Lessons!

Including video lessons through Skype/Facetime!


   My name is Jacob Dupre. I am a very accomplished musician who is now offering private lessons to qualified students of all ages. 

   I have a bachelor’s degree in Jazz Studies and Contemporary Media from the Eastman School of Music conservatory where I had a rigorous education in piano performance, jazz and classical performance/composition, music theory, and music history. I have a master’s degree from the University of Texas at Austin where I have focused my study on piano performance, composition, film/tv/game scoring, and audio production. I have many years experience performing, composing, and producing music for various entertainment mediums including live shows, musicals, short films, animation, music videos, and jingles/ads.

   I can perform on and teach lessons in piano, trumpet, bass, drums, and voice.  I can also teach other brass instruments such as the french horn, trombone, and tuba.  I am well versed in many genres of music in addition to classical and jazz, such as R&B, Rock, Pop, Country, Electronica, etc. I am willing to teach any genre or style my students are interested in pursing.

   I am not looking to teach complete beginners, which are people who have zero experience in music. I am looking for students who already have some musical experience (such as playing in a band, in a school group, playing by ear, familiar with reading music, know some basic techniques, etc.) and are looking to expand their ability on their instrument.

    $65 is my standard price for a one hour lesson, but I can offer lower rates for students. I will accept cash, Paypal, or clearxchange (i.e., Chase Quickpay). Lessons can be weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or longer according to your goals and personal preference.  For younger students, weekly lessons are usually the most effective.  I do not require payment of lessons in advance, i.e. paying for five lessons in full before the first lesson. However, I do require payment before each lesson, not after.  I am also open to doing Skype/Facetime lessons as long as the student has a decent camera setup and internet connection.

   I understand that life can make scheduling lessons difficult, so I always provide a good amount of flexibility to my students (and parents) when it comes to planning and rescheduling lessons.  This works out for me too because my work as a performer and composer will often make my schedule unpredictable.

   If you are interested in becoming my student, please contact me by completing the form above and pressing "SUBMIT."  The message should contain the following: 1) desired goals for our lessons, 2) if you have had any music education in the past, 3) your current level on the piano (technique, overall playing ability, notes on the keyboard), 4) current knowledge of music in general (scales, chords, keys, reading music, etc.), and 5) any other relevant information that you wish to share. Then we can begin discussing and scheduling our first lesson.

   In the meantime, I invite you to check out my website and the links provided below to hear/watch some of my performances and learn more about me.  Click here to download my resume and full bio.

Thank you so much for your interest and I look forward to working with you!