​​​​​​​​​​​​      Jacob Dupre is a fifth generation musician and composer from Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  He is a 2014 graduate of the prestigious Eastman School of Music where he earned an undergraduate degree in Jazz Studies and Contemporary Media.  He is also a 2016 graduate of the Butler School of Music at the University of Texas of Austin where he earned a masters degree in music.  Accomplished far beyond his age of 25, he plays piano, trumpet, bass, drums, and is a vocalist and composer. He began his formal music training at the age of four, and early on showed a gift for jazz.  Jacob studied privately, and while a student playing in elementary and middle school bands, he was selected for All Parish ensembles and participated in multiple jazz festivals, earning top scholarships and awards.  As a high school musician, he was selected to both Jazz and Classical All State Ensembles on both piano and trumpet.  While attending Eastman, Jacob studied with esteemed faculty, namely, Harold Danko, Bill Dobbins, Tony Caramia, and Dariusz Terefanko.  He had the honored tutelage of jazz greats such as Fred Hersch, Kenny Baron, and Ahmad Jamal.

      Jacob has performed with outstanding jazz musicians and composers such as Bill Watrous, Peter Erskine, John Fedchock, Bob Sheppard, Dennis Mackrel, Butch Miles, Bill Kirchner, and Bill Holeman. His prowess in other styles, such as country, rock, and blues, has allowed Jacob to perform and record with legendary artists such as Addison Agen (The Voice 2017), Paul Gilbert, Kris Kristofferson, Kenny Rogers, Ray Benson, and Charlie Sexton.  He was a member of the Dave Rivello Ensemble and performed regularly as a leader and side-man in ensembles throughout the Rochester area.  He has performed as a soloist and group member throughout the entire country and has toured internationally in Japan.  Other honors include performing as guest soloist with the Louisiana All State Jazz Ensemble at the 2011 Jazz Education Network Conference, performing in the 2013 Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival with the big band "Colossus," performing with the Eastman Wind ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Ensemble as a guest soloist on Gershwin's "Catfish Row," performing an  official showcase at SXSW 2017 with his group, "The Jacob Dupre Quintet," and performing his own showcase at the 2017 Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival.  He also received the extremely high honor of being nominated for the American Pianists Association Jazz Piano Fellowship Award.  Jacob supports the local arts community by performing for non-profit organizations, playing with community ensembles, and participating in outreach programs for young musicians.  Since the age of six, he has been an active member of his Catholic faith and remains so, serving in various churches as a pastoral musician and accompanist. 
​           In addition to his career as a musician and educator, Jacob has composed, arranged, and produced his own music for various projects including animation, films, music videos, jingles/ads, live shows, and musical/theater productions. His music has been featured in serveral film festivals across the country.  His score for the short film The There, by Austin filmmaker Scott Cobb, has been featured in over 10 film festivals across the U.S. including the 2015 Hill Country Film Festival, 2015 Muscatine Film Festival, 2015 Bastrop Texas Film and Music Festival, 2015 Sun and Sands Film Festival, the 2016 Cinema on The Bayou Film Festival, and the 2016 San Antonio Film Festival.
               Jacob is honored to continue the music legacy which began five generations ago with his great, great uncle, Edward “Pinky” Gerbrecht, who was a pioneer New Orleans Jazz trumpeter and classical violinist.  Jacob is now contiuning his family tradition by leading a bright career as a performer, composer, and teacher.  In 2017, Jacob joined the Glenn Miller Orchestra on piano and performed in their US/Japan tour.
                   Jacob is the Sweetwater Keyboard Artist. He works at the Sweetwater Sound Headquarters in Fort Wayne, Indiana. As Keyboard Artist, Jacob performs in a film studio to produce entertaining and informative videos on keyboard products. This includes everything from keyboard controllers to grand pianos. He is a part of the marketing department and considered a "content creator," meaning he creates the original musical content for the videos. He works with a team of marketing professionals, filmmakers, editors, and other creatives. The finished videos are posted on the Sweetwater Youtube Channel. Jacob also works as a studio musician at Sweetwater Studios to perform and record with artists from around the world. Through his work there, Jacob has recorded with guitarist Paul Gilbert and performed with singer Addison Agen (The Voice 2017).